In Loving Memory – Michael Robert Clayton (Ohana)

To those of you who know me then you know that this post is going to be a really difficult one for me.  Just recently I had a friend of mine leave this earth in an untimely manner.  I considered “Mikey” one of the few friends that I have (had) at my job.  He always was capable of making me laugh and seem to forget the outside stress that I incur on a daily basis because of my past life choices.  We would joke around and make fun of each other every time that we had worked. I will truly miss him.

You see it seems that he was involved in a car accident which took his life around 2ish am on Wednesday, December 18th, 2014. Of course this was an alcohol related incident and he and the others involved shouldn’t have been out and about.  This was just an accident, I understand that.

I was able to attend the funeral service that was on the Monday which followed (just two days before Christmas) and it truly touched me at the amount of lives he touched.  It was a packed service and everyone who spoke up would share the memories of how “Mikey” was this genuine guy who would just go out of his way to make others forget their problems regardless of the situation that he was in.

He was just getting his life in order and was a very talented rapper/writer who was on his path to making a professional album. He was progressing at his job and it is just so sad to see him leave with so much of his life ahead of him.

“Mikey” you may forever be gone from this plane of existence, but you will always be remembered and not forgotten.  “OHANA” my dearly departed friend….I love and miss you very much!!!


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