Welcome to My Personal Blog

Thank you for stopping by.  I have set this up because there is a lot of stupid things that are going on in this world today and maybe it would be fun just to have some people to debate with on topics.  Please feel free to post your comments, but realize that if you spam your comments will be taken off.

Also realize that this will be randomized topics.  One day you might find something here on celebrities, the next day you could see something on here about ObamaCare. It just really depends on my mood.  If you do not like what I have to say, then do one of two things, debate your opinion or leave.  Otherwise let’s just have some fun.

I have no intentions of doing any kind of advertising on this blog, nor if this blog actually becomes popular do I have any attentions of selling advertising space.  Now if there are a lot of followers please do not ask to sell something.  This is just a voice and speak up kindda blog.  Also it is my personal view points.  Agree or disagree. Shall we begin???


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